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Archive of Blog: March 2016

Ecotourism in Kazakhstan
Published: 30 march 2016

There’s something unique and special in each country that attracts tourists from other countries. And Kazakhstan isn’t an exception. Why Kazakhstan is so attractive for tourists? First of all, by eco-tourism that became so much popular for the last years. Most of Kazakhstan territory is occupied by endless steppes and pastures. Sometimes it’s difficult for foreigners feel such scale. So many tourists arrive to Kazakhstan for getting in touch this boundless world. Holidays in Kyzylarai Mountains A must place to visit for tourists interested in nature is Kyzylarai Mountains. It’s unique opportunity to live in the national yurt, learn more about the life of local people and enjoy the beautiful nature. Tourists staying in Kyzylarai are usually offered an excursion to the top of the Aksoran Mountain (1.5 m above sea level). On the top they can enjoy a magnificent view ...

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