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 More Information about Kazakhstan

General information about Kazakhstan

Area: 2,724.9 square kilometers.Population: approximately 16 million of people.Capital: Astana.State language: Kazakh, Russian.Religion: Islam, Christianity.Currency unit: 1 Kazakh tenge = 100 tiyn.St...
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History of Kazakhstan

The history of Kazakhstan is full of great achievements. The chronicles point on the origin of the Kazakh statehood by the end of the XV century, when the sultans Kereyu and Janibek could join the sep...
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Nature and climate of Kazakhstan

 More than ¾ of the territory of Kazakhstan take plains with the high from 100 to 300 meters above-sea level. In the frontier Southeast and East the Tien Shan ranges, The Dzungarian Alatau...
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Kazakh cuisine

The characteristic feature of the Kazakh cuisine is a wide usage of meat, milk and farinaceous foods. In summer almost in every Kazakh family ayran is cooked, it is a sour milk diluted with water. It ...
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Culture and national traditions of the Kazakh people

The Kazakh culture is very rich and diverse.During the formation of the Kazakh nation specific musical traditions appeared. As a result the rich musical culture was determined. The rituals connected t...
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