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Kazakh national clothes

Published: 01 july 2013
  Kazakh national clothes  reflect the ancient traditions of Kazakhs and their national experience of employment. In addition, it was possible to determine the social status by traditional costume. Kazakh people used traditional materials for the manufacture of clothing. Mainly they used the skin and hair of pets, cloth and thin felt. Poor people wore clothes made of saiga’s skin, their hats were made of otter, fox and other animals. Rich people’ clothes were made of imported materials - velvet, silk and brocade. Kazakhs used white wool of sheep in order to make clothes of felt.

  Men's national clothes consisted of a shirt, wide trousers and outerwear. Important details of the costume were the leather and fabric belts. Spacious long robe - shapan was one of the main items of clothing. Shapan was sewn from both thin and thick fabrics of different colors, but one-color and dark colors were more popular. It was made of wool or cotton in cold weather. Unlike everyday shapan, smart shapan was made of velvet, adorned with gold embroidery. This gown was a mandatory part of the wardrobe of rich Kazakhs. Kazakhs wore sheepskin coat (ton) in winter.

  Women's clothes consisted of pants, a long shirt (koylek) and sleeveless jackets. Mostly young girls and women preferred clothing of bright and red tones. Collar, sleeves and hem of smart dresses were decorated with embroidery and appliqué of bright fabric. Metal buckle or silver buttons were the decoration of the jacket (kamzol).  Kamzol with sleeves was called beshmet. Young girls’ kamzol was more bright color than kamzol of old women. Wedding dress was the mandatory part of the bride’s dowry. It was made of expensive fabrics of red colors (velvet, satin, silk). It was long gown with sleeves. But by the beginning of the XX century this custom was canceled. "Saukele" is bridal headdress in the shape of a cone up to 70 cm. It was sewn of felt, covered with silk, velvet or cloth. It was possible to determine bride’s social status by her headdress. If the hat was decorated with coral beads and the fur stripe, so the bride was from an ordinary family, but if Saukele was covered with gold and precious stones, it was clear that the bride was from a wealthy family.

  Artistic traditional motifs used in modern clothes are always very popular, original and unique.


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