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Kazakh wedding

Published: 10 may 2013
Thinking and mentality of people are changed, but habits and traditions of people are not changed. Nowadays there are people who honor and esteem the habits of their ancestors. Kazakh people are not exception. They always had their established traditions and customs of wedding ceremonies.

Matchmaking (Kuda tusu) is the most interesting and unusual of all pre-wedding traditions. Groom’s father and the most honorable relatives go to the bride’s home. Generous and holiday table is served, everybody talk about different themes and complement friendly atmosphere by jokes. Later the main theme – kalym is discussed. Groom’s parents give money to buy furniture and bride’s parents must buy bedding, dishes, utensils, etc.

“Kyzyzatu” – farewell with girl. The girl is usually seen off in the morning. Sunrise is the symbol of a new day and a new life.

“Neke Kiyar” – wedding ceremony. A cup of water is put before Mullah, covered with a handkerchief. Mullah reads prayers, and then he asks in the presence of the witnesses about agreement of groom and bride to marry. There are only closest relatives of the groom and bride in this ceremony. But if the bride is pregnant, the rite is carried out after the baby is born.

“Koshtasu” – farewell to a home. Girl says goodbye to her parents and relatives before she leaves the house. According to the traditions, a girl will not be able to come home for a year so that to get used to a new family.

“Kelin tusiru” – the arrival of the bride to the groom’s house. The whole village is prepared for this celebration. By tradition, a bride is not brought to the house at once. Other girls see her off to the house without permitting her open her face. Then all relatives and friends are gathered so that to organize a feast with treats. Everyone wants to see the future bride. Only after all relatives are gathered, the bride is solemnly appeared.

“Betashar” – the ceremony of opening bride’s face. It is usually accompanied by traditional song-zhyr. Here the husband’s relatives congratulate and give good advices for a happy family life.

So the wedding ceremony is over and newlyweds become separate happy family.

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