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Published: 06 june 2013
  Bayanaul means “rich and happy mountains” from Mongol-Turkic. Bayanaul National Park has been declared since 1985. Zhasybai and Toraigyr Lakes are the main property of the park. One of the highest mountains is Akbet (1026 metre). Transparent Zhasybai Lake has very clear and soft water. The lake area is four square kilometers, and depth is seven metre. There are various home rest and child’s camps around the lake.

  You can admire the beautiful scenery of mountain ranges, blue lakes, valleys and endless steppe Bayanaul from the highest mountain Akbet. Picturesque gorges are mysterious places. One of them is the gorge of the Witches. As the legend says, there is live water, rejuvenating man. There was found an interesting petroglyph inscription made many centuries ago. 

  Travel lovers come here to admire the blue lakes, pine forests and, of course, the stone sculptures of mythical figures. Mountain forest oasis attracts tourists by fanciful rocks (Baba Yaga, Horse's Head), beautiful Sabyndykol and Zhasybaj Lakes, caves and grottoes. If you look at Zhasybai from above, you can see the island, resembling the shape of the heart. That's why it was called the island of love. Here all the lovers tie ropes for happiness. Land Bayanaul is the birthplace of many famous scientists, writers, artists.

  Bayanaul Mountains are like the green island among Kazakh steppes. Here, nature created a truly beautiful stone sculptures. If you want to see and fell the beauty created by nature, you must see it with your own eyes.

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