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Kazakh legend about love of Aisha Bibi
Published: 10 december 2012

In the village Aisha Bibi of Jamby region in 18 kilometers from Taraz town there is a mausoleum of Aisha Bibi.There are no authentic facts about the construction of the mausoleum. However there is the Kazakh legend about love of Aisha Bibi to her bridegroom.Beautiful Aisha was the daughter of the famous rich man – Khakim-Ata. He was known as Zengy baba, follower of Akhmed Yassaui. Karakhan fell in love with 16 years old Aisha at first sight. Wonderful Aisha also fell in love with Karakhan. Aisha’s father refused to give in marriage his daughter to Karakhan, who whether was a khan, but not so famous. The sad man went away home, now it is the lands of modern Taraz. Aisha warned her mother Anuar, but did not get blessing from her father, she left home.“You will ford six rivers, but will not ford the seventh one”, - called father after Aisha. Aisha forded six rivers. ...

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