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 Karnak village

The old village Karnak is located in 25 km. from Turkestan city. It is known from the 12 century. Administratively it was subjected to Yassy (Turkestan). From the 13 to the 18 centuries Karnak was repeatedly destroyed. The famous Tay-kazan was founded here for the mausoleum of Akhmed Yassaviy. There were 4 makhallas and 4 gates in Karnak fortress. The gate – darbaza of separate estates also have the architectural value and they are entered in the code of monuments.
There is the own historical museum in Karnak. It is located in Shamet-ishan mosque – architectural monument of the 19 century. The collection of ancient subjects was based in it. The teacher of history Bektash Mirzoev has been gathering the collection for 30 years. The ancient cold steel, coins, ceramics, jewelry from silver compose the collection. There are more than 1500 thousand of displays in the exposition.
The mosque is built on the place of the more ancient religious construction that proves the presence of the well preserved gar – the underground placement for meditation of Sufis. The village Karnak with the population of 12 thousand of people, consisting generally from the Uzbeks, has an old history. The map, which was made with the help of the teacher, displays how Karnak looked in ancient times. This unique map is in the single copy and has not been published till today.

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