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The Festival of “Steppe kebab and pilaf”

Published: 23 may 2013
In Kazakhstan on 27 and 28thof April the Festival of “Steppe kebab and pilaf” will be held among the professional of their job. Gala concert of Russian and foreign stars, and the first fire festival "Atash" will be held on the main stage. Stationary platform l will be built especially for beach soccer and volleyball. The rock festival will be held in the same format as in previous year. All the wishers from 3 to 100 years will be able to take a part in participation. The districts of Almata region are taking a part in the creation of yurt camp. The festival of folk crafts will be held here.

During the festival the participants will be given the bags for collection of waste. They will receive gifts and prizes. All the wishers will built barrow “Good wishes” . Everyone will be able to leave their labels on specially imported for this stone, which will become the mound.