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  Ski resort Chimbulak is located in Kazakhstan, near Almaty, at altitude 2200—2500 metres. The temperature in summer is 20 C, in winter is -7. Here were held Union competitions on downhill skiing. The favorable natural conditions attract tourists to lay tracks of 900-1000 meters. Ski sport base “Chimbulak” has been working here since 1954. Trail length is 3500m, width is 25m. It is a unique opportunity for the tourists to make top speeds. You can raise the top of Chimbulak with the help of ropeway. Chimbulack peak is Talgar Pass, located above the clouds.

  In 1985 the International Ski Federation approved three tracks: "CHimbulak-Talgar" (downhill), slalom and "Chimbulak" (giant slalom). Downhill skiing track is one of the best tracks in the country. The resort is located near the base with comfortable alpine areas, making this promising area for competitions in mountain tourism.

  In 1997 two new ropeways were put into operation. Now there are held annual competitions between boys and girls, as well as the Championship of Kazakhstan among women and men. In 2013 Chimbulak entered the top ten of visa-free resorts for Russians.

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