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Singing sand dune

  Singing sand dune is mountain in Kazakhstan up to 3 km long and 150 m high, located in the national park Altyn Emel in Almaty region of Kazakhstan. The uniqueness of the dune is that in dry weather it produces a sound similar to the tune of organ. The beautiful view of surrounding countryside is opened from the dune.

  From immemorial times the singing sands had a lot of folk superstitions. According to legends, the singing sands activity was caused by spirits of the desert, fantastic animals, raging rivers and many unexplained reasons. One of these legends says: Once Satan traveled around the world, causing evil to people. But once the God decided to punish him and made it impossible to move quickly from one place to another. So, Satan had to go home on its foot, the house was on the top of the mountain. As he tired, he decided to have a rest but fell asleep. So, it turned into lonely dune, which nothing and no one can wake him up.

  There is a spring with crystal-clear water on the right bank of the Ili River, named after Chokan Valihanov. Singing Dune is one of the most popular attractions, which entered the shortlist of Seven New Wonders of Nature. 

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