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Turgen gorge

  One of the amazing and beautiful places of Kazakhstan is Turgen gorge, located 90 km from Almaty. There are a lot of beautiful waterfalls, pine forests, hot springs, as well as lakes with clear water.

  Turgen gorge is famous for waterfalls. One of these attractions is the Bear Falls, about 30 meters high. Bozgul waterfall made a real tunnel in the rock. But the most remarkable place in the valley is the Botan-chasseur station. Here Turgen canyon reaches a depth of 920 meters. There are ancient drawings along Asy River. In addition to these attractions, tourists often visit trout farm, ostrich farm, historical and ethnographic open-air museum (the monument of kazakh Batyr, layout of Saks kurgan the holy spring of eternal youth and beauty).

  Here you can also see the imprints of plants of pre-glacial period in the rocks of the gorge. Turgen gorge is famous for relic Chin-Turgen mossy spruce forming beautiful fir carpet.

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