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Kazakh cuisine.

Published: 23 april 2014

  Nowruz-koje is the main dish of family holiday table. This traditional dish is cooked on Spring Festival Nowruz. This day people arrange folk festivals, sport events, games, as well as sing songs. Since ancient times, great importance was given to lavish entertainment. It was believed, the richer table the more successful and prosperous will be held the whole year.   The certain recipe of nowruz-koje doesn’t exist, as every family has own recipe of preparation. Traditionally, seven ingredients are used for preparation of this dish. But it is an optional rule. Number of products depends on the preferences of cook. Optional ingredients are meat, dairy products, several types of cereals, soup, noodles, salt. A special place in the preparation of nowruz-koje takes meat. It is dried horsemeat, specially prepared dried meat for the winter. The recipe also includes dairy produ...

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Published: 14 february 2014

Beshbarmak is the main dish of the Kazakh national cuisine (from Kyrgyz means "Besh" - five, "Barmak" - finger). Traditional beshbarmak is cooked from horse meat or mutton, for many people such preparation is not acceptable therefore the beef is also used. In northern Kazakhstan beshbarmak mostly made of horse meat, it is usually served in a wide dish, pieces of meat and thinly rolled dough, cooked in meat broth are put there. Also in beshbarmak are put horse meat sausage, which is poured with sauce. In the east, south and west of Kazakhstan beshbarmak is served in the form of noodles, cooked in meat broth, there is laid wide and thin slices of meat, rings of onion, then the dish is poured with broth. Rice is often used instead of noodles; broth is served separately in bowls. This astonishing dish is from boundless steppes. For many centuries wandering tribes found a universal way for th...

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