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Nature of Kazakhstan

Ecotourism in Kazakhstan
Published: 30 march 2019

There’s something unique and special in each country that attracts tourists from other countries. And Kazakhstan isn’t an exception. Why Kazakhstan is so attractive for tourists? First of all, by eco-tourism that became so much popular for the last years. Most of Kazakhstan territory is occupied by endless steppes and pastures. Sometimes it’s difficult for foreigners feel such scale. So many tourists arrive to Kazakhstan for getting in touch this boundless world. Holidays in Kyzylarai Mountains A must place to visit for tourists interested in nature is Kyzylarai Mountains. It’s unique opportunity to live in the national yurt, learn more about the life of local people and enjoy the beautiful nature. Tourists staying in Kyzylarai are usually offered an excursion to the top of the Aksoran Mountain (1.5 m above sea level). On the top they can enjoy a magnificent view ...

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Cryptic Bektau-Ata
Published: 04 may 2015

There’s tract Bektau-Ata just in 60 km from Balhash city. It attracts not only tourists but local people. Bektau-Ata is a real oasis in the semi-desert. There’s also underground river Tokrau at this place that gives fresh water to whole city.    Bektau-Ata translates as “a mountain of saint elder Bek”. Elder lived in cave that is at the top of the mountain at tract Bektau-Ata many years ago. Pink granite rocks are volcanic lava, that is stuck in the cracks of the earth. Scientists told that there was a volcano at Paleozoic era, but it couldn’t go outside of the earth. Thus a huge cork of granite was formed and this cork completely closed the mouth of the volcano. Volcanic formations are very interesting and look like layers of the pie. That’s why there’re a lot of legends around this place. A legend of the elder Many years ago a saint e...

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Aksu Dzhabagly
Published: 16 july 2014

  Aksu Dzhabagly is one of the oldest and the first reserves in Central Asia, located in the southern part of Kazakhstan, in the spur of the Western Tien Shan at an altitude from 1000 to 4280 meters above sea level.   Here, in this beautiful State Nature Reserve you can see the rare and endangered species of animals and plants. These are argali, snow leopards and lynxes, wolves and foxes, porcupines and bears, as well as many other animals. World of birds are vulture, golden eagles and griffons. There are 25 species of rare insects listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. The reserve’s fauna is also diverse: over 250 species of mushrooms, 60-70 species of algae, lichens and more than 1,300 species of higher plants. But the great popular are Greig and Kauf-mann tulips - the founders of the world-famous cultural varieties of tulips. Juniper forests form a unique amazing view o...

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Charyn Canyon
Published: 26 march 2014

Canyon  Charyn (kaz.Sharyn) is situated along the river Charyn in Kazakhstan(200 km from Almata), stretches out at 154 km. Also known as “The Valley of castles”, ”Stone bag”. Charyn canyon is amazing natural monument. It’s formed about 30 million years ago in epoch of Paleogene, it’s not only natural complex in Kazakhstan  but in the whole world. Height of the mountain reaches 150-300m, length of canyon is about 2 km. In the bosom of the river preserved relic  tree – ash Sogdian. This  wonderful canyon  has similarity with big Canyon Colorado (Grand Canyon), which is situated in North America. Since 1964 Ash grove has been declared as natural monument. Also the tourists will be surprised a variety flora and fauna. Here you can see 62 species of mammals,103 species of birds, 25 species  of reptiles and also more than ...

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Published: 12 december 2013

  In the Northern Kazakhstan, between Astana and Kokchetav there is a wonderful region, real oasis – Borovoe. Geographically this place is named Kokchetav elevation, but the local guides call it “Kazakh Switzerland”. Forested hills occupy an area of about 30 kilometers. There is the endless Kazakh steppe around.  Borovoe sounds almost equally both in Russian and Kazakh. Borovoe became a popular place, people began to come here from afar to get some treatment and drink bracing kumys. A man very frequently and thoroughly change nature and the danger to lose the natural landscapes, kinds of animals and plants appeared. The issue of saving the splendid nature of Borovoe and foundation of the resort began to be discussed by the scientists in 1910. The state reservoir Borovoe was established by the Resolution of National Central Executive Committee and Soviet o...

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Published: 06 june 2013

  Bayanaul means “rich and happy mountains” from Mongol-Turkic. Bayanaul National Park has been declared since 1985. Zhasybai and Toraigyr Lakes are the main property of the park. One of the highest mountains is Akbet (1026 metre). Transparent Zhasybai Lake has very clear and soft water. The lake area is four square kilometers, and depth is seven metre. There are various home rest and child’s camps around the lake.   You can admire the beautiful scenery of mountain ranges, blue lakes, valleys and endless steppe Bayanaul from the highest mountain Akbet. Picturesque gorges are mysterious places. One of them is the gorge of the Witches. As the legend says, there is live water, rejuvenating man. There was found an interesting petroglyph inscription made many centuries ago.    Travel lovers come here to admire the blue lakes, pine forests and, of course, ...

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