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Archive of Blog: December 2012

Kazakh customs associated with the birth of a child
Published: 14 december 2012

There are many wonderful and wise traditions in Kazakhstan. From early years the nomads have been keeping the human life, guided by the signs of Great Steppe. Every generation, not depending on the epoch and conditions, in which it lived, performed the instructions of remote ancestors. In Kazakhstan people treat the traditions seriously.So, the customs connecting to child’s birth in the Kazakh family have old roots. Some customs in a rather changed view remained till our days.Naming a childWhen a baby is born in a young family, grandmother, grandfather or the eldest relative gives the name to a child. He or she bends forward the child and three times utters: Your name…!CradleWhen the child is several days, he or she is put to the cradle, which is presented by mother’s relative. She is trusted for the first time to lay the child. At first she exorcizes the devils over t...

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Legend about the origin of the lake Burabay (Borovoe)
Published: 13 december 2012

 God created earth, people, nations and began to pass round mountains, lakes, rivers plains and fertile lands. He handed everything to all, but only the Kazakhs got the endless steppe. Then the steppe inhabitants begged and asked something else from God. How is it possible to live in the boundless steppe and among deserts? And the Creator understood that he inadvertently offended this respectable and nomadic nation. The Сreator looked in the sack where he kept nature sights, and there were just rests of mountains, several beautiful forests, several cool rivers and lakes. But they were the best. God shook out the remains from his sack in the middle of the steppe, and the most beautiful lake in the world – Burabay appeared. It is known as the lake Borovoe – “Kazakh Switzerland”....

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Legend about dombra
Published: 11 december 2012

In ancient times two brothers-giants lived in the Altai highlands. The younger brother had dombra, and he loved very much to play it. He forgot about everything in the world when he began to play dombra. The elder brother was proud and vain. Once he wanted to become famous and decided to build a bridge crossing the rapid and cold river. He began to gather stones and build the bridge. And the younger brother continued to play dombra.So, the days went by. The younger brother did not help the elder one, he just played his favorite instrument. The elder brother became angry; he snatched dombra out of brother's hands and broke it against the rock. The splendid instrument was broken and the music stopped, but on the stone the stamp remained. Many years passed. People found this stamp and began to make new dombras, and the music, which was silent for much time, sounded again.  ...

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Kazakh legend about love of Aisha Bibi
Published: 10 december 2012

In the village Aisha Bibi of Jamby region in 18 kilometers from Taraz town there is a mausoleum of Aisha Bibi.There are no authentic facts about the construction of the mausoleum. However there is the Kazakh legend about love of Aisha Bibi to her bridegroom.Beautiful Aisha was the daughter of the famous rich man – Khakim-Ata. He was known as Zengy baba, follower of Akhmed Yassaui. Karakhan fell in love with 16 years old Aisha at first sight. Wonderful Aisha also fell in love with Karakhan. Aisha’s father refused to give in marriage his daughter to Karakhan, who whether was a khan, but not so famous. The sad man went away home, now it is the lands of modern Taraz. Aisha warned her mother Anuar, but did not get blessing from her father, she left home.“You will ford six rivers, but will not ford the seventh one”, - called father after Aisha. Aisha forded six rivers. ...

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