Tours To Uzbekistan

 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Kazakh currency. Currency exchange.

The national currency in Kazakhstan is tenge. Kazakhstan has the most advanced bank system in Central Asia. The banks work from 9:30 till 17:30, from Monday till Friday. Lunch is usually from 13:00 to 14:00. But many banks work without breaks. Saturday and Sunday are days off.
You can easily change US dollars for tenge. Euro is also accepted almost in all banks and exchange offices. At the bazaars (especially in Northern regions) one can pay roubles. 
The main  Euro and international credit cards are accepted. They are easily accepted in big hotels, shops and restaurants of Almaty.
You can see cash machines in the banks, hotels and trade centers. 


You can use cold tap water for drinking, but to be on the safe side you should boil it for tea (green or black). It is not permitted to use hot tap water for drinking. 


The local cuisine in Kazakhstan is cheap and hearty. Usually flat bread and tea (green or black) is served to the dishes. First days one should be careful, because fat and heavy meal, unusual for Europeans, prevail in traditional Kazakh cuisine.
The Kazakh cuisine, as any Central Asian cuisine, is based on a wide usage of meat.  
Many national drinks have peculiar unusual taste.
You can always buy fresh vegetables and fruits at the markets. 

Language of communication of the Kazakhs

The state  language in Kazakhstan is Kazakh. Practically in all cities people speak Russian.  Young people and businessmen speak English and other foreign languages.

Restrictions on clothing

There are no particular rules in clothing for every day, especially in Almaty and Astana and other big cities, where people have full freedom in clothing. You can meet a woman in the traditional islamic clothes, but usually it depends on a private choice, then any obligations. When visiting the religious places it is not recommended to wear shorts, and clothes with open shoulders. 

Telephone communication

The telephone dialling code of Kazakhstan is + 7. When calling to Kazakhstan from other countries, one should dial the country code.

Places of entertainment

There are many places of entertainment. They are: theatres, cinemas, museums, recreation sites, parks, restaurants, different cafes and night clubs where theme parties are held. 


  Line voltage in Kazakhstan is 220 volt. Frequency: 50 Hz.

Emergency phones

Police – 02,
First aid – 03
Directory inquiries – 09, 009

Most favourable time for tourism in Kazakhstan

The most favourable time for visiting Kazakhstan is spring (April - June) and autumn (September - November).