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Kazakh culture.

Hunting with birds of prey
Published: 05 august 2015

From ancient time Kazakh people lead a nomadic way of life, mainly engaged in hunting. The harsh conditions and difficult life has taught Kazakhs to live in harmony with nature, respect its beauty, contact with animals and birds. They always take care of their faithful companions - a greyhound, golden eagles and frolic horse.  So the main traditions and rituals of traditional Kazakh hunting were formed. Berkutchi - experienced catchers Hunters usually hunt with hunting birds – Sayat and also with greyhounds - basins. The experienced divers of hunting birds – eagle were especially revered among locals. There are many legends about the most famous hunters and their birds. One of them is about eagle "Sarykus" (Red Bird) of hunter Tina that "walked" on foxes, wolves, and even deer. The second of them is about hunter Zhalair Shore that could immediately determine the age and ...

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Kazakh folk songs
Published: 17 march 2015

Folk songs occupy a special place in life and music of Kazakh people. Akyni (singers) sing songs with music accompaniment. The main national instrument is dombra, stringed musical instrument played by plucking. Singers are very popular among the Kazakh and they are welcome to any party. Akyni shared their history, life and problems through songs. They often take part in music competition - aytish, where 2 or more akyn composed and performed these improvisations on the spot. The winner is a singer that can impress viewers by his bright song, music and create the best improvisation. Akyns songs The work of akin is very difficult – he must have good memory and associative abilities. In the past folk songs existed solely in vocal form. Singers learned music and songs by repeating orally the music of other musicians. That’s why they became not only translators but also creators o...

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National holidays of Kazakhstan
Published: 16 june 2014

The first holiday in Kazakhstan is the Nowruz holiday or Spring Holiday, which originates from pre-Islamic history of the Kazakhs. This day the main holiday property is specially prepared dish nauryz-koje, which includes such ingredients as meat, wheat, rice, barley, Siberian millet and kurt. People visit their relatives and friends, sing songs, as well as wish the New Year to be prosperous.Raz-ayt Holiday is celebrated the first and second day of the month in honor of the end of fasting month of Ramadan. According to the canons of "Koran", every Moslem must fast during the month every year. During the day it is not allowed to eat, drink and take pleasure. But after sunset and before sunrise it is allowed to eat and drink. All daytime must be devoted to working, praying and reading Koran. The holiday is celebrated in honor of the end of Ramadan month. The main rite of this holiday is a s...

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Kazakh national games
Published: 28 january 2014

  Kazakh national games took a great and important role in the life of the Kazakh people. It is known that they put people in good spirits, gave strength, agility and endurance. Most of these games have a competitive nature.   Kokpar. Two groups of riders take a part in this game. There was a goat carcass (kokpar) at a distance of 50-60 steps from competitors. Who first picks the carcass up from the ground, the other horsemen had to take it. This struggle between the players continued until the evening. If two groups participate in kopkar, the winner is the team whose player reaches the finish line first. In this competition, horsemen demonstrated agility, strength, accuracy, ability to stay in the saddle.   Ak suyek – White bone. Ak suyek is usually played in the bright summer nights, when the moon is bright. Young horsemen, women and children participate in the gam...

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Kazakh national clothes
Published: 01 july 2013

  Kazakh national clothes  reflect the ancient traditions of Kazakhs and their national experience of employment. In addition, it was possible to determine the social status by traditional costume. Kazakh people used traditional materials for the manufacture of clothing. Mainly they used the skin and hair of pets, cloth and thin felt. Poor people wore clothes made of saiga’s skin, their hats were made of otter, fox and other animals. Rich people’ clothes were made of imported materials - velvet, silk and brocade. Kazakhs used white wool of sheep in order to make clothes of felt.   Men's national clothes consisted of a shirt, wide trousers and outerwear. Important details of the costume were the leather and fabric belts. Spacious long robe - shapan was one of the main items of clothing. Shapan was sewn from both thin and thick fabrics of different colors, b...

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Kazakh wedding
Published: 10 may 2013

Thinking and mentality of people are changed, but habits and traditions of people are not changed. Nowadays there are people who honor and esteem the habits of their ancestors. Kazakh people are not exception. They always had their established traditions and customs of wedding ceremonies. Matchmaking (Kuda tusu) is the most interesting and unusual of all pre-wedding traditions. Groom’s father and the most honorable relatives go to the bride’s home. Generous and holiday table is served, everybody talk about different themes and complement friendly atmosphere by jokes. Later the main theme – kalym is discussed. Groom’s parents give money to buy furniture and bride’s parents must buy bedding, dishes, utensils, etc. “Kyzyzatu” – farewell with girl. The girl is usually seen off in the morning. Sunrise is the symbol of a new day and a new life. &...

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Kazakh customs associated with the birth of a child
Published: 14 december 2012

There are many wonderful and wise traditions in Kazakhstan. From early years the nomads have been keeping the human life, guided by the signs of Great Steppe. Every generation, not depending on the epoch and conditions, in which it lived, performed the instructions of remote ancestors. In Kazakhstan people treat the traditions seriously.So, the customs connecting to child’s birth in the Kazakh family have old roots. Some customs in a rather changed view remained till our days.Naming a childWhen a baby is born in a young family, grandmother, grandfather or the eldest relative gives the name to a child. He or she bends forward the child and three times utters: Your name…!CradleWhen the child is several days, he or she is put to the cradle, which is presented by mother’s relative. She is trusted for the first time to lay the child. At first she exorcizes the devils over t...

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