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  • An unique opportunity to explore beautiful nature of Kazakhstan!
    Country: Kazakhstan
    Days: 7
    Nights: 6
    From: $0
  • We're going to visit places related to the name of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi
    Country: Kazakhstan
    Days: 2
    Nights: 1
    From: $0

Traditional musical instruments

Dombra -  Dombra – Kazakh two-stringed plucked musical instrument. It is used as accompanying, solo and main instrument in the Kazakh traditional music.Dombra sounds slowly a...

Reviews from our Guests

I went to Kazakhstan in March 2016. Specifically I went to Almaty and Astana! I loved Almaty more than Astana because the weather is great there and t...
Author: Jacob
Published: 2016/03/01

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