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Legend of a “Grove of dancing birch trees”

Published: 17 november 2014

Kazakhstan nature is amazing not only with variety but its pristine creations. You know, almost every sight of this country has its legend. One of these amazing places is a “Grove of dancing birch trees” in the national park Borovoe.

 There are many legends of the appearance of this grove. One of them says that once in the ancient times were people who lived at the foot of the mountain Burabai and arranged festival with various competitions, accompanied by songs and dances. Khan wanted to look at this people too, but he could not appear there as a ruler as he knew that if they had seen him, they would have been confused. So he went on holiday with only security guard, dressed in ordinary clothes. When the festival was in its highest, the beautiful girls appeared in the clearing in the wood. Khan was so carried away that he ran and shouted “Long years to your beauty!” Girls were so confused and frightened that froze in the same place, turning into white birches. To this day, the beauty of these girls in the form of graceful birch trees attracts both locals and tourists.

 “Grove of the dancing birch trees” in Borovoe is a unique place, having visited which you will experience the world of nature and mysterious legends.


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