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  Farab is one of the largest cities in Central Asia, in south Kazakhstan region. The city is located in the lower Arys. Farab is known as Turar, Turarband, Turband. The period of prosperity of Otrar oasis is from I to XIII century AD. The city was populated before the beginning of the XIX century.

  The author al-Muqaddasi says that Farab was a big city with a cathedral mosque, bazaar and the citadel. The town was the ancient centre of settlement and urban civilization of Kazakhstan. According to the ancient settlements, towns, castles and fortress, relating to period from the early to the late Middle Ages, one can say about the economic and cultural development of the oasis.

  It was the most important point of the caravan routes for medieval Arab and Iranian authors. Thanks to the migration of sogdians who had an experience in the field of agricultural labor, there was formed urban civilization in southern Kazakhstan.

Many famous scientists, musicians, foretellers, wise men, jewelers lived in Farab. There were a workshop, a bazaar, madrasas, mosques, baths and shops in the town. There used to be one of the mints of Karakhanid dynasty.

  Today, the name “Otrar” is a very popular. Cafes, TV channels, hotels and more are named after Otrar city.

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