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Canyon Charyn

Canyon  Charyn (kaz.Sharyn) is situated along the river Charyn in Kazakhstan  (200 km from Almata), stretches out at 154 km. Also known as “The Valley of castles”, ”Stone bag”. Charyn canyon is amazing natural monument. It’s formed about 30 million years ago in epoch of Paleogene, it’s not only natural complex in Kazakhstan  but in the whole world. Height of the mountain reaches 150-300m, length of canyon is about 2 km. In the bosom of the river preserved relic  tree – ash Sogdian. This  wonderful canyon  has similarity with big Canyon Colorado (Grand Canyon), which is situated in North America. Since 1964 Ash grove has been declared as natural monument. Also the tourists will be surprised a variety flora and fauna. Here you can see 62 species of mammals,103 species of birds, 25 species  of reptiles and also more than 1500 species of plants, 17 of them  are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. Every weekends canyon is visited by tourists, even  the heat is not obstacle for tourists to admire  really beautiful landscape.

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